The Dream:
Redeemer's Garden is a result of a dream conceived by us: Lori, Willie and our redeemer, Jesus. In our hearts, we dreamt of a place that we could work on some land and have products to sell. We wanted to meet people who would enjoy our products and be able to share information that we have learned. We believe this place is actually owned by Jesus, and we get to share in managing and looking after all that He has provided for us. We humbly acknowledge that without His active participation, we and this farm will fail to be all that we can be.

In 2006, we were able to purchase this farm. Initially we had hoped to start a nursery, but as time went on we were led in another direction. In 2009 we bought our first herd of 10 cashmere goats. This has grown to range from 35 to over 100 goats (depending on the time of year). The Blueberries have been planted and grown too, both in size and number. Veggie production varies depending on our energy levels.

The Garden: established 2006

We are located in Greendale, a small rural and agriculture area within the city of Chilliwack, BC. Originally intended to be a nursery, we found ourselves led in another direction: Cashmere. Blueberries. Veggies.

Since a large portion of our property was heavily overrun by blackberries, we decided to get some goats to clear the land. After many questions and research, we concluded that cashmere goats were the way to go. They are hardy and easier to manage than other goats. They didn't need to be milked and would provide an amazing fiber, cashmere, and meat. We purchased our first animals from Spruce Haven Farms in Alberta in 2009.

We have planted blueberries, a few raspberries, thornless blackberries and rhubarb. After some ups and downs, they are now thriving. We have also planted other annual crops, heirloom tomatoes and veggies.

About us
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Redeemer's Garden Farm Greendale, Chilliwack, BC


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