A typical year in the life of a goat looks something like this.


Cashmere goats are wonderful animals. They know how to grab your heart. There is nothing quite like seeing a bunch of kids jumping and whirling all over the place.

Cashmere goats are a double coated animal. The outer coat consists of coarse guard hairs. The undercoat is the soft and precious cashmere. At Redeemer's Garden, we harvest the cashmere by combing out the undercoat, leaving the outer coat of guard hair behind. Since we harvest in January and February, this allows the goat to stay warm even without the undercoat. See video by Dianne Thompson, ŚCombing Cashmere Goats'


Our journey with these characters began in 2008, with research and many questions. Willie and I knew virtually nothing about goats. We purchased our first goats from Spruce Haven Farms in 2009. We started with 8 doelings and 2 bucklings. This has grown considerably, especially in springtime with all the new kids.

Cashmere comes  from a GOAT?

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