Redeemer's Garden Farm Greendale, Chilliwack, BC


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lynton1aSHF Lynton
BBorn 2009, sire - GSF Ali Ba Ba, dam RSC Gypsy

Predominantly dark brown, almost black with reddish/brown guard hair on flanks

Produces soft grayish brown cashmere.

Lynton's fleece was reserve champion in 2011

Offspring from Lynton have very nice fleeces.

*2012 histogram: 16.7 microns, 71.3 deg/mm curvature

lalaunSHF Lalaun:

Born 2009, sire RSC Highlander, dam RSC Jalan

Great conformation. This is one big buck.

White buck, produces very white fleece.

Offspring from Lalaun have great conformation and lovely fleeces.

*2012 histogram: 17.2 microns, 59.4 deg/mm curvature


Our herdsires

bubbaRGC Bubba:
Born 2011, sire SHF Lynton, dam SHF Lilbet

Good conformation. He is still growing.

White buck, very white, high volume, fine fleece.

Offspring have yet to be tested, but so far appear to be high quality.

*2013 histogram: coming soon

ajax2RGC Ajax:

Born 2010, sire SHF Lynton, dam SHF Lini

Reddish brown buck, produces large quantity of cream cashmere

Ajax is no longer in our breeding program. He has however produced kids with very nice fleece.

EGGS and Chickens: Our eggs taste great

All our eggs come from chickens that get certified organic feed plus free range for greens (grass, weeds, kitchen scraps) and insects and worms. They have a great life, get plenty of exercise running around. After their time of egg production is over they are humanely butchered and available for making a tasty pot of soup. They do not get any antibiotics, hormones, genetically modified feed, or any other nasty.

We have both heritage birds and conventional hybrid birds. The heritage birds are Amauracanas, which lay robin's egg blue - olive green eggs with the occasional light brown almost pink egg. The hybrid birds lay various shades of brown eggs. All have a rich yellow yoke which is more pronounced in the months when there is active vegetation growing.


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